Missing Piece

Missing Piece?

Oh No!

Luckily, in most cases we can replace them.  In those cases we can’t, and the missing piece is due to manufacturer defect, we’ll replace your puzzle.  Please note that every puzzle is unique and the image/replacement piece may be oriented slightly different than the original.  

*We only replace pieces/puzzles for newly purchased puzzles with manufacturer defects.  We do not replace pieces or puzzles for second hand puzzles; or in cases of household accidents, dog attacks, cat attacks, child attacks, you dumped part of the puzzle in the bathtub.  

Please email us at hello@kansascitypuzzlecompany.com and tell us the situation.  It's important to include a photo of the COMPLETED puzzle and a good mailing address.  Some form of proof of purchase is required.  Didn't hear from us?  Please check your Spam and Promotion inboxes.